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My comment to Manton’s Post: Fuck Meta and don’t support their opening to the Fediverse. Not just “in the future”, but forever.

Interim status

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I'm still tinkering with the webring without really making any progress and to top it all off I've started building two yellow extensions. One to publish blog posts directly on Bluesky and then I'm working on Pablo's Webmention extension. For the Bluesky extension I also have to wait for adjustments to the core of Yellow but the Webmention…

Golem lies

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I've just stumbled across this Without modern scripting languages and frameworks, nothing works in web design. and am horrified by the brazen lie that Golem (german) is spreading in order to make money with its "Karierre" portal. Before using the frameworks mentioned, you should also be familiar with HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript.

Backed Tapestry just hours before the end of the campaign

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Shortly before the Kickstarter campaign for Iconfactory's Tapestry ends tonight (05.03.2024, 23:00 cet), I backed the project. Why after all? I do not know. It certainly wasn't the free one-year subscription to Wallaroo. 🤷‍♂️

King Wrist Watch


We recently binged The Owl House on Disney+ with the kids and as I'm a bit of a watch nut, Eda's watch caught my eye. Luckily there is that sells the watch...

The King Wrist Watch from
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