King Wrist Watch


We recently binged The Owl House on Disney+ with the kids and as I'm a bit of a watch nut, Eda's watch caught my eye. Luckily there is that sells the watch...

The King Wrist Watch from

Apple Sports App

· 1 min

Apple has introduced an app today that appears to do nothing more than display sports results, stats and more. There are still only a few leagues listed, but the app is currently only available in the UK, USA and Canada. I would be delighted to finally have a replacement for all those advertising pillars called Sport Apps and am eagerly awaiting…

What are the benefits of TailWind over PicoCSS?

· 1 min

Do any of my readers have experience with Tailwind and PicoCSS and can tell me, completely subjectively, the advantages of one over the other? Please send me a mail.

CSS is Logical

· 1 min

CSS be weird, but it not be illogical. – Geoff Graham in CSS is Logical

I'm currently building a webring

· 2 min

My little blog is celebrating its six-month anniversary these days and I am very pleased that I am posting quite frequently by my standards, which was not the case with my first blog in 2004. I can't say why, a lot of water has flowed down the Tiber since then. (And by water I also mean beer and by Tiber I also mean my throat). Anyway, I think…

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