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My name is Robert and I am an Apple System Operator and Evangelist at a university in the middle of Germany. My tasks there include the procurement, administration and configuration of Apple hardware as well as supporting students and lecturers in the use of Apple products. After a considerable hiatus, I’ve returned to the world of website creation in 2023, with a particular focus on implementing designs using HTML, CSS, and a touch of JavaScript. This page serves as a form of documentation, where I showcase techniques to internalize them and have a reference for future use. I typically write the content on the go from my mobile phone but format it and add links, etc., when I’m seated at a computer. You are welcome to contact me via one of the channels below. However, I prefer to communicate by email.

King Wrist Watch


We recently binged The Owl House on Disney+ with the kids and as I'm a bit of a watch nut, Eda's watch caught my eye. Luckily there is themysteryshack.com that sells the watch...

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Apple Sports App

· 1 min

Apple has introduced an app today that appears to do nothing more than display sports results, stats and more. There are still only a few leagues listed, but the app is currently only available in the UK, USA and Canada. I would be delighted to finally have a replacement for all those advertising pillars called Sport Apps and am eagerly awaiting…

What are the benefits of TailWind over PicoCSS?

· 1 min

Do any of my readers have experience with Tailwind and PicoCSS and can tell me, completely subjectively, the advantages of one over the other? Please send me a mail.

CSS is Logical

· 1 min

CSS be weird, but it not be illogical. – Geoff Graham in CSS is Logical

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