Hello my friend

My name is Robert and I am an Apple System Operator and Evangelist at a university in the middle of Germany. My tasks there include the procurement, administration and configuration of Apple hardware as well as supporting students and lecturers in the use of Apple products. After a considerable hiatus, I’ve returned to the world of website creation in 2023, with a particular focus on implementing designs using HTML, CSS, and a touch of JavaScript. This page serves as a form of documentation, where I showcase techniques to internalize them and have a reference for future use. I typically write the content on the go from my mobile phone but format it and add links, etc., when I’m seated at a computer. You are welcome to contact me via one of the channels below. However, I prefer to communicate by email.

I'm sorry that nothing is happening here right now

· 1 min

Very little is happening here at the moment. That's partly because I'm currently isolating myself from any news, and partly because I'm still working on my own solution for posting on Bluesky and Mastodon and not making much progress. Unfortunately, work on the Webring has also come to a standstill. But hey, I made a video with a mate on the…

I'm now using EchoFeed to POSSE

· 1 min

With EchoFeed I have now found a workable solution to throw my posts into the social media. In the meantime, I had relied on micro.blog, but I think I'm better off with EchoFeed, as I'm only interested in distributing my content to Bluesky and Mastodon and don't need an additional blog that presents the same content. EchoFeed is also significantly…

Where can I learn more about PHP

· 1 min

I discovered Kevin Powell at the right time. I'm no longer a CSS novice and he picks me up where I am and shows me new things that I don't know yet. And I have no problems following him. What I want now is someone who picks me up at my PHP level. But I can't say for myself which one that is. I want to learn to understand APIs, even if the…

Old iPad. And now?

· 1 min

I have finally managed to replace my old iPad mini 4. It was last used exclusively as an Apple Home control centre and Spotify player. For the most part, it worked quite well, but Apple has been nagging me for a few days to update my Home network. So today I set up an unused 12-inch iPad Pro in place of the mini. Now I'm looking for ideas on what…

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