New medication after diagnosis of severe depression

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Yesterday I had my second appointment with my psychiatrist after one in December, which was about diagnostics. I had to do a few tests, for example I had to memorise 20 symbols and sort numbered stones. An EEG was also carried out. I then had to fill in two questionnaires.

During the subsequent consultation with the doctor, I was told that I was suffering from severe depression. That really got me down, as some of the last few days had been pretty good. As a result, my medication was changed. I'm now taking bupropion instead of escitalopram. The latter should be phased out over three weeks. In other words, until the bupropion starts to take effect.

I will consult my cardiologist to be on the safe side, as bupropion is chemically an amphetamine, which could be counterproductive to my hypertension.

Chemically, bupropion is an aminoketone that belongs to the class of substituted cathinones and more generally that of substituted amphetamines […].[1]

As a die-hard Motörhead fan, however, I find this very exciting at the moment.

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