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My little blog is celebrating its six-month anniversary these days and I am very pleased that I am posting quite frequently by my standards, which was not the case with my first blog in 2004. I can't say why, a lot of water has flowed down the Tiber since then. (And by water I also mean beer and by Tiber I also mean my throat).

Anyway, I think it's perhaps a bit down to the fact that I'm already familiar with things like newsfeeds, blogrolls and webrings and my focus doesn't regularly shift from one to the other. Webrings were a big fascination for me back then, although I am only now beginning to understand their purpose and am therefore currently creating my own. I'm still missing text in some places, but the text on the About page is there and reads accordingly:

When I started my blog in August 2023 (about 15 years after the closure of my former blog) and the enthusiasm for newsfeeds, blogrolls and all those old things revived, I also wanted to join a webring again. However, I couldn't find a suitable one besides the IndieWeb webring and decided to create my own, to which I would like to invite all creatives, webworkers, flat file addicts, yellow enthusiasts and generally socially responsible people. That's basically it and I hope that's enough of an explanation for you. If not, just drop me a mail or contact me via Bluesky or Mastodon.

The desired target group is therefore sufficiently vaguely formulated, so that perhaps the only thing missing is an opening date. Unfortunately, I can't say that because there are still a few technical issues to do with the fact that I want to integrate the web ring into Yellow in its entirety and my knowledge of programming is rather poor, which is why I'm only making progress with a lot of trial and error. However, I am a little bit proud of what I have achieved so far.

If there is anyone in my small readership who is not averse to the topic of webring and is also familiar with Yellow, I would be grateful for any help!

Screenshot of the kraut/suppe webring

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