Indieweb: A great idea messed up

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I like the basic idea of the Indieweb - Your content is yours, You are better connected, You are in control - and have already tried to integrate my small site into the indiewebring, which failed. And to be honest, after 2 days of trying I didn't feel like it anymore.

Then yesterday I read over at Colin's about the uproar that Giles started and I can only agree. Everything has already been said about WordPress, but I would like to point out once again that the onboarding in Indieweb itself is hard to beat in terms of inconvenience. I mean, do you know their wiki? I have no idea what's still up to date and what's not, which services still work and which don't.

But again, I really like the basic idea and find it worthwhile. The rest should be reconsidered. Thoroughly!

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