How to implement IndieAuth on your website

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Edit: I take it all back. Due to an error, <!--?xml encoding="UTF-8"--> was displayed on the start page, which, for whatever reason, caused the error.

It really is that simple. Insert the authorisation_endpoint into the head of your HTML document:

<link rel="authorization_endpoint" href="">

And add a rel="me" to your social links, for example:

<link rel="me" href="">

Now you can log in with your URL wherever IndieAuth is supported.

I'd like to explain that here, but oh... something's not working on the IndieWeb. Recently I already described my problems with onboarding and after Tantek[1] and Ben[2]'s posts I have to repeat them. I still love the idea but if the implementation doesn't work reliably and everywhere and the pitfalls are not mentioned, it needs to be reworked. Here are the pages where I...

...can authenticate:

...cannot authenticate:

I tried it with two end points. First, following the instructions from IndieWeb[3], with[4] and then with the self-hosted selfauth[5]. Both endpoints led to the same results.

I'm at a loss right now and IndieWeb[6] is no help either as there are no proper instructions. I'm not a full stack developer, but I think I have enough experience to add a <link rel="authorisation_endpoint" ... /> in the header of an HTML page. (For newcomers to the subject, however, this could be a hurdle).

So what's the catch? From my point of view, it lies on the one hand in the self-importance of the IndieWeb community, which delights in repeatedly repeating the philosophy of the IndieWeb - which I am 100% in favour of - but has apparently lost touch with reality, as it is simply not easy enough to use their standards (IndieAuth, Webmention, etc.) and on the other hand in the missed opportunity to bundle all the necessary information and prepare it in a structured way so that it is comprehensible and easy to read. Although I have not yet been diagnosed with ADHD, after a short period of research I don't feel like looking into it any further.

So I can't fulfil the promise made in the title. Which is not only a pity, but sad.

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