Introducing my Hello page

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Some of you have probably already seen them on one website or another: The Hello page.

Alastair Johnston had the simple idea of creating a page on which your favourite contact options are listed.

A kind of 'rules of engagement'. That way, anyone could get in touch with me, and vice versa, without needing to rely on algorithms, or guesswork as to which platform would be best.

— Alastair Johnston[1]

As I really like the idea, I decided to create a Hello page myself. I'm not sure yet whether I'll keep all the linked icons on the start page or whether I'll just leave the ones that don't allow direct communication there. How would you handle this? Feel free to hit the "Reply via email" link below.

Edit: After I had set up the hello page, I realised that I basically already had it on the start page. So I adjusted the text there and removed the hello page again. Redundancy is sometimes not a bad thing, but it's completely unnecessary here.

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