Blessing in disguise

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I recently implemented a simple category solution in the development clone of this blog. I wanted to use it to create a kind of micro blog and, surprisingly, it worked very well. Anyway, I've had another idea for the last few days that I want to implement and now guess what I completely forgot and deleted yesterday... 🙄

But luckily, due to another idiotic mistake on my part, I haven't emptied the recycle bin yet.

PS:. Incidentally, I'm struggling with the design of the micro blog articles here. If you have an idea, drop me a line.

PPS.: See what I did in the next post.

PPPS.: This is the HTML structure of the micro blog posts

<div class="post-micro">
    <p>This is a micro blog example</p>

    <p class="entryMeta">
        <a title="Permalink to this post" aria-label="Micro blog post from 2023-12-11" href="https://path/to/post">#</a> 2023-12-11

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