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The year is drawing to a close and a not so uninteresting list is making the rounds among bloggers: App Defaults. The whole thing was triggered by Episode 097 of Hemispheric Views, Duel of the Defaults! An these are mine:

  • Mail Client:, Spark
  • Mail Server: Gmail
  • Notes: Obsidian, Drafts
  • To-Do:
  • iPhone Photo Shooting:
  • Photo Management: Apple Photos
  • Calendar: Google Calendar via
  • Cloud File Storage: iCloud, Nextcloud (selfhosted)
  • RSS service: FreshRSS (selfhosted)
  • RSS client: Reeder
  • Contacts:
  • Browser: Safari, Chrome
  • Chat: WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Discord
  • Bookmarks: LinkAce (selfhosted)
  • Read It Later: Reeder
  • Word Processing: Word
  • Spreadsheets: Excel
  • Presentations: Powerpoint
  • Shopping Lists: Bring!
  • Meal Planning: Not needed, the children only eat pasta with ketchup
  • Budgeting and Personal Finance: Banking App
  • News: RND
  • Music: Spotify
  • Podcasts:, Spotify
  • Password Management: iCloud Keychain, 1Password

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