Karlskrona - A Yellow theme for developers

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I‘ve been working with Yellow[1] for over a year now and early on, I saw a great synergy with Pico.css[2]. Initially, I manually integrated Yellow's default templates with a semantic foundation to harness Pico's capabilities for each new project. Recognizing the inefficiency, I decided to create a Yellow theme. Understanding that others might share my perspective, I submitted a pull request to Yellow's extension repo on GitHub[3], which was accepted after some adjustments.

Currently, only the file pico.css is included, but my future plan is to incorporate the entire Pico repo as a submodule. This way, developers will always have access to the latest version of Pico.css, including the SASS files. I'm in the process of discussing the feasibility of this with Yellow's maintainers.

You can find the repo for the theme here: https://github.com/pftnhr/yellow-karlskrona

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